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We utilize the Microsoft technology stack to produce scalable enterprise level websites. Depending on the amount of concurrent users we may configure a web farm which distributes the load to multiple servers in a web farm configuration. We utilize load balancers which determine where inbound requests get routed.

Some of our solutions incorporate single sign on solutions whereby user credentials are stored in a central database rather than spread out across multiple application stores within an enterprise avoiding credential duplication across multiple stores. We incorporate Security Token Services that act as a central security authority whereby users are authenticated once and claims sets are issued that can be used by multiple domains precluding reauthentication for each web site visited.

We do database modeling and write data access layers using SQL Server, Oracle, MySql and Mongo DB. We can create scalable database designs from scratch as well as write data access layers to leverage your existing data stores to push and pull the data necessary to implement your enteprise website.

If your solution demands integration into in-house or legacy systems then we can interface with your systems to push or pull data in either direction assuming integration points exist in your systems. At times, integration is necessary because certain applications in your enterprise when performing a task will need to post/get data to/from a newly developed website for purposes such as reporting or displayment of status or other.

We create business logic and workflow components that model the rules and processes that describe the behavior or actions in response to user behavior on your websites. As an example of business logic we may have a lead routing algorithm whereby leads are routed to different departments depending on the demographics of the user who is interested in your products or services. As an example of a workflow we may have a process that demands signature approval by various department heads before moving into a published status as in the issuance of a work order.

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