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Hertz Rentals
hertz.com - project length: 6 months
Hertz lacked in the area of customer satisfaction surveys on their rentals portal which led to a lack of analytical information to help determine their effectiveness to their client base. Additionally, several SQL queries were highly latent and needed to be refactored for optimal performance as well as a scouring of the code base for faulted connection requests because of the vast amount of concurrent connections.
We assisted Hertz Rentals by enhancing their rental website portal to provide customer surveys whereby analytical information could be gleaned to help determine customer satisfaction. Additionally, several other maintenance enhancements were made to provide a more fully featured Rental website portal. Lastly, we did a significant of SQL Server optimization work to make latent search queries perform considerable better. We accomplished this through the use of indexed views in SQL Server and of course viewing execution plans in SQL Server Management Studio.

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