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covidien.com - project length: 7 months
Covidien lacked an automated add on system to their CRM to convey the differentiators their products offered beyond their competition's. As manufacturer's of surgical supplies, the quantity of attributes are vast and to communicate those differentiators is a difficult process and doing a manual write up is tedious. Clearly a web application was needed to automate the differentation process and then subsequently render those product attribute advantages. Additionally, an Administration module was needed to manage their vast supply of surgical supplies for which automated comparisons were made.
We developed a website portal for Covidien to do cross matrix competitor comparison and analysis of surgical supplies. We implemented the website with Microsoft web stack technology using the MVC framework and the Entity Framework which connected to an Oracle database.

The web site was highly engaging and easy for the sales department to utilize to produce analysis reports and matrix comparisons that could then be delivered to prospects. The value in the website portal was the mass reduction of comparisons that would have to be done manually due to the plethora of attributes tied to surgical supplies that made it nearly impossible to do it manually.

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