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blr.com - project length: 6 months
BLR lacked a centralized repository for all their core documents and artifacts and a web site to manage those documents. Additionally, their code bases lacked documentation describing the higher level flow of their website modules. This lack of documentation and lack of centralization of existing documentation hampered the organization as core knowledge had to be transferred by domain experts to existing and new staff. The company lacked in the area of collaborative information sharing and put the organization at risk if domain level experts would leave the company.
We developed a document management web site to centralize core BLR documents to bootstrap new and existing employees knowledge of core BLR procedures and processes. The features of the application included a keyword search to find documents that fit the criteria entered. The application allowed upload, download and meta information striping of documents as well an automated rebuild feature which would reindex all documents if their catalogue got fragmented. The web application interfaced with Solr, an open source search engine. The application was built using the Microsoft MVC Framework with a SQL Server backend, JQuery, Javascript, Ajax and JSON as well as an object oriented middle tier. Additionally, we documented their existing software as we scoured their code bases polling domain experts to convey the business value their in house applications provided. We also documented our code review of their software. In terms of artifacts, we created UML diagrams to model the process flow of their code base.

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